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a) In-door Advertising

(i) Ad Replacement System (Pub, Bar, Hotel, Gym & Restaurant Advertising)

Through our Associates based in the UK, we have developed systems that automatically detect the presence of advertising in TV broadcasts and replace the broadcast advertising with replacement ads that are targeted at the audience in a specific venue or group of venues. These systems use digital fingerprint matching technology to detect the presence of advertising within half a second of it appearing. They then switch all connected projectors and plasmas to the replacement advertising output for the duration of the broadcast ad break before returning neatly to program.

EHM Media works with various large national venues. Our partners are large, popular located in both town centre and other popular areas outside of town. They offer extensive food and drink menus and entertainment ranging from live sports broadcasts to DJs, bands, staff parties and student nights. Several dedicated screens positioned prominently behind the bar and around the interior of each venue showing in-house promotions and our clients’ ads. Our clients’ ads will appear a minimum of five times per hour as standard. We suggest using creative that works well without audio or adding subtitles. The customers are predominantly 18 – 35 years old with a mix of both male and female. We are experts in arranging and managing campaigns targeting pub, club, bar, hotel and restaurant audiences and we will be able to help you identify the relevant venues and tailor a campaign that suits the both the marketing goal and the available budget.

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(ii) Digital Signage (ehmTV)

The ehmTV digital media player is a wireless device combining flexible dynamic content delivery with advanced configuration, remote management and compatibility with most leading digital signage management solutions. The ehmTV provides an easy-to-use device for displaying dynamic HD multimedia content, perfect for use in retail environments, digital menu boards in restaurants, as well as transport notifications and corporate or event signage. The device provides great flexibility for in-store installation, featuring wireless LAN connectivity it enables deployment at locations where network wiring is expensive or hard to reach.

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b) EHM Weekly Calendar Newsletter

EHM Weekly Calendar newsletter offers its readers reliable, well rounded and up to date information with weekly updates. Each issue features Movies Schedules and Trailers, Restaurants, Pubs, Bars and Clubs Guide, Sports Weekly Fixtures and Weekly Jobs & Employment updates.

Our target market is broad covering anyone who is of average computer literacy, has an interest on online information and can subscribe to our mailing list. Our mailing database comprises of more than 25,000 email subscribers including corporate and others.

Whether your mission is to brand your company or drive traffic to a particular product URL, this newsletter is the perfect venue to help you accomplish your marketing goals.

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c) Graphic & Motion Design

EHM Media offers graphic design services that include the creation of a motion graphics. These graphics are creative, unique and best of all – they capture the attention of potential clients and customers.

Do you have a logo that needs animating, or a piece of text that needs to become alive? We create 2D animation using elements that may be in the form of art, text, photos, and video clips, which can be used in various multimedia projects. We have created high-quality motion graphic designs for a variety of clients who have used the images to achieve their business goals and gain new customers.

Our graphic design services are affordable and effective. We are experts at creating visually appealing and unique motion graphics that captivate those who are exposed to them. We can use your existing Assets or design an Ad from the scratch. Contact us today to discuss your business goals and how our graphic design services can help you to achieve them.

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